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Gizmo Kayak with Paddle

Gizmo Kayak with Paddle

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A super stable 2.6m wave ski, designed for river, surf or white water. Lightweight 17kg allows easy transport & storage for paddlers of all ages. High back support for a comfortable seated position with lower back support. Multiple footwells (self draining for a drier paddling experience) allow paddlers of various heights to comfortably use this craft, and its superior stability makes it well suited to larger paddlers. The storage area has a removable container for small items, still allowing access into the craft for larger items (lunch, towel etc.). The flat hull and twin keels allow great manoeuvrability on waves whilst maintaining excellent speed and tracking for distance paddling. The low volume bow is ideal for punching out through waves or leaning forward to duck dive through bigger waves. The GIZMO is listed as ‘Hire Boat Approved’ by the Department of Transport. Leg straps to provide greater stability & control.

Length: 2.60 metres
Beam: 0.72 metres
Weight: 17.0 kilograms