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Head Gear for Boxing

Head Gear for Boxing

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Getting a good boxing headgear is really important for improving your boxing game, you might think we’re trying to put the hard sell on you but we’re just trying to make a point. As much as boxing is a physically demanding sport it is just as much and if not more a sport of masterful thinking.

Boxing is like chess, you have to always be one step ahead of your opponent. It’s a sport of tactics a sport of athleticism and most of all a sport of masterful thinking!

When learning how to fight, spar, defend, attack, counter etc it is important that you feel comfortable in your environment. Too many times you see “terry tough guys” refusing to wear their headgear. This usually leads to a passive fighting style and a hesitating mind, which is very dangerous and really counter-productive to anyone’s boxing progress.

You should always feel comfortable and try to relax as much as possible when training or fighting, you will find you won’t fatigue as quickly and everything will seem that little bit clearer and easier.